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Men's Ultra Thermal Top
$100.00 USD
Men's Ultra Thermal Top - Electric Blue
Our Ultra Thermal Top is a versatile midweight layer that features a soft interior, perfect to wear next to skin or as a performance layering piece.

Thermal fabric front panel provides optimal moisture transfer and warmth
Thermal Lite fabric back and underarm panels provide optimal moisture transfer and warmth
12” center front zipper
Internal fist mitt seals in warmth
One zippered back pocket


Recommended for temperatures between 48˚F and 56˚F

Main Body: 90% polyester 10% elastane
Weight: 300g/m2
Back and Side Panels: 86% polyester 14% elastane
Weight: 230g/m2

Use simple detergents with no additives:
Never use detergents with fabric softeners, perfumes or any additive type product. The general rule of thumb is the simpler the better. Many detergents with additives leave "surfactants" behind on a fabric's fibers that inhibit the technical performance. Typically the best detergents to use will have "Clear" or "Free" in their names. Don't pour the detergent directly onto the clothing, put it in the washer first, when you start the water. If something is not functionally working, but is not dirty, try rinsing it twice in warm to hot water. This will help get rid of the harmful surfactants.

Read the care content label:
On the inside of your garment, or on the hangcard, there are instructions for the care of that individual piece. On garments this will be on a side seam or back seam label. Follow those directions. On finer fabrics, use a "Gentle" cycle. Close all zippers, attach "hook and loop" closures on gloves

You can use the dryer, carefully:
If you use a dryer be sure to use a lower / warm heat setting (Do NOT use a commercial dryer or a "Hot" setting). This will often restore the fabric and help the water and wind repellent qualities. If in doubt, hang the clothing to dry.
Electric Blue
P.R.O. LEADER cycling shoe
World Cup


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